Announcing Expotech: All About Building Connections


Announcing Expotech: All About Building Connections

Expotech has just been announced and we’re looking forward to bringing the community togetheragain in Ramallah on December 15 and 16. This year’s theme is all about Building Connections. We’re about being open, embracing the future of cloud, security, mobility, and software development. In our GloPal Diaspora initiative, we’re about connecting with those interested in Palestine, discovering our country, and creating new partnerships that is helping to transform our economy and future generations of Palestinians to come. This year’s Expotech will be incredibly special. In honor of PITA’s 10-year anniversary, we are going to celebrate our milestones and accomplishments, the people who contributed to our efforts and most of all, recognize your collective hard work in making PITA the voice of Palestine’s IT economy. When you look back in time, broadband Internet hardly existed. The smart phone was something from a science fiction movie. Social media was all about MySpace and CompuServe, and the only way to get an application was to buy it in package form. In ten short years, the world has changed so much, and hopefully for the better. Our children are being educated in new ways and our organization is making great strides. Just walk in the streets of any of our cities, towns or villages, you will see how we connect, engage, and create in completely new ways that were only imaginable when PITA was founded. Moving forward, we have new opportunities – and challenges before us. In celebrating our 10 year anniversary and building our connections, we should challenge our community to see where we can not only advance our economy, but our society in areas of healthcare, education, agriculture and the public sector. We should also embrace Palestine’s emerging startup economy and ask ourselves what we can learn from these bright young minds who want to create something special, something new and something that reflects who we really are to the rest of the world. We have influential and passionate members of the Diaspora who are business, education, and government leaders worldwide – many of whom have re-connected with us and want to be part of what we have accomplished The world is watching. The Diaspora is connecting with us and our connections are expanding worldwide. Now it’s our responsibility to demonstrate just how creative and dynamic a society we really are. We hope you’ll join our technology conference on December 15 and 16, as we move our organization and its mission forward. Let’s build new connections. Together. You can register to the technology conference of Expotech 2013 through this link:

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