PITA elects new board of directors


PITA elects new board of directors

The meeting was held under the patronage of the Minister of National Economy, Mrs. Abeer Odeh,in the presence of a large number of technology and communications companies in the West Bank and Gaza, Hatem Sarhan and Etqan Law Firm and Al-Wafaa Auditors Association.

The meeting was opened by HE Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the current Union, with a speech in which he welcomed HE the Minister of Economy Abeer Odeh, stressing the partnership relationship between the Union and the Government. Mr. Bassam Al-Walwail, Secretary of the Coordination Council for Private Sector Organizations, Chairman of the Federation of Palestinian Industries, Mr. Khalil Rizk, Chairman of Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Arafat Abu Sinsenah, President of Paltrade, Mr. Gamal Nimr, President of the Federation of Hotels and all invitees in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The participating members and partners and announced that the quorum for the commencement of the meeting would be completed. He stressed d. Al-Salkan said in his speech that the ICT sector has become a fundamental pillar in building a promising and modern national economy. He stressed that the Union has worked to develop strategies, mechanisms and programs aimed at expanding the economic activity of our companies, opening new markets, increasing the volume of operation and strengthening relations between all concerned parties, Universities or private and public institutions. He stressed that the Union stands today on a solid foundation of experience and institutional building that qualifies it to move forward with the strategy of opening up new markets and enhancing the role of our companies in the local and international market. He stressed the vision of the Board of Directors to open the door for the start-up companies to join and benefit from the services of the Union. Management of the Beta Union d. “We are on the verge of launching 3G services in the hope that it will serve as a catalyst for more applications at all levels and services, whether government services, banking services or private sector services in general, and a catalyst for further contribution of the technology sector to the national product. Dr. Al-Salkan is an outstanding success in the activities of the Union, especially the central activity of Expericate 2016, which received great attention.

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